Addressing the Permissions Change in 1.1.1 (We Are Not Reading Your Browsing History)

I’ve been getting a lot of comments about concerns for a new permission Chrometana requests in the newest update. These new warnings are a result of adding tabs permission. We have no direct access to your browser history, but since we could theoretically recreate it, Google posts the warning. I agree it’s obnoxious that Google won’t let us access tab URLs without requesting this permissions, but so be it.

This change was made in a pull request by kyleadd¬†with the goal of reinforcing Chrometana’s behavior even when Chrome’s closed. This would allow us to move away from using background pages, reducing Chrometana’s resource use to nearly 0.

I would also like to take this chance to remind everyone that Chrometana is open source, and the version on the web store is an exact copy of the source on GitHub. If at any point a permission change concerns you, you can easily check the source, as many already do.

And of course,¬†there’s a Reddit thread where I’m most likely to respond.

Thanks for helping make Chrometana great


  1. Josh Privitt

    Any chance ya’ll are going to be adding other search engines to the redirect (like say or

  2. Les

    It would be helpful to have the extension bypass doing anything if say a certain key was pressed on the keyboard. Sometimes we need to use another search engine. Right now chrometana is getting control when I’m in google chrome browser and execute Of course I wouldn’t be executing it if I didn’t want to use bing for the request. In this case I’m not using Cotana at all, I’m just browsing the web.

    • Cortana launches it’s Bing search request the same way a user would. Distinguishing between a Cortana search and a user-made Bing search is not a simple process, but if a viable path forward is discovered it will be taken.

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