Chrometana 1.1.1 – The “Small” Update

Hey guys! Here to announce a “small” update, with 2 changes.

  1. Redirects have been “replaced” with URL replacements, allowing for Chrometana to work even if Chrome was fully closed (Contributed by kyleadd)
  2. It’s literally smaller. I moved the assets out of the package and onto this website so they’re not in the extension, and the package is now 1/10th it’s old size

The update should apply automatically, and you can check if you’ve received it by going to Settings > Extensions and looking under Chrometana for a version number.

I’ve tested these updates and they don’t cause any issues, and only seem to improve the Chrometana experience. If your experience differs, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Thanks for using Chrometana!



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