We’ve made a blog!

Hey Chrometana fans! I’m Theo, developer of Chrometana. I made this blog to allow the Chrometana developers to more directly communicate with our users about what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and where we’re trying to go with it. If you’re looking to install Chrometana, go download it here!


    • This is coming in a beta version, and a full version soon after. Contact me via email, twitter, or Reddit if you’re interested in beta testing!

    • Hahahahaha

      Opera’s user base is not large enough for us to justify focusing development time on an Opera-specific version, but as Opera is based on Chrome, the current version should work fine.

  1. David

    I loaded this extension to fix a Windows 10 problem with Cortana because a troubleshooting forum recommended it. I assume that’s the point of this extension. I no longer get sent to a cannot load Bing error message, but I’m not getting the kind of interactive responses I thought Cortana was supposed to provide. Can this extension connect cortana to Google Now?

    • No.

      The point of the extension is to redirect Bing traffic once it gets to the browser. Chrometana is contained entirely within Chrome, and modifies Cortana in no way.

      It sounds like you have a virus causing a DNS issue, which would prevent you from connecting to Bing.com . I highly recommend using software like MalwareBytes to scan your system in case the cause of your issues is a virus.

      Also, don’t expect anyone to successfully modify Cortana to use Google Now. Google has provided no API for GNow, and Microsoft has locked down Cortana hard.

  2. clayto

    Chrometana will not work on my Windos 10 tablet because Cortana will not work unless Edge or IE are the default. With Chrome as the default every search generates the ‘class not registered’ error. I was advised this would be the case and the advice was correct.

    • That’s beyond obnoxious. Sounds like the registry hacks made to make Cortana are hurting Microsoft after all.

      I don’t have a Windows RT device to test on, so sadly I can not debug this issue. If you have any luck getting normal Cortana searches working, and Chrometana searches still don’t work, I’d love to help out!

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