Google Account Compromised, Malware Shipped In Chrometana 1.1.3

Theo’s personal Google account was compromised and an unofficial “1.1.3” update was shipped for Chrometana. That update included alert10.js, malware that opens popups saying you have a virus. This is horrifying, unexpected, and worst, impossible to prevent. 2FA was active on the account that was compromised.

Because of this compromise and the need to ship a new version, we are now moving Chrometana 2.0 out of beta. There may be bugs! Don’t be shy to open issues on our github!

Edit: There is no virus. The “malware” included in Chrometana opened a popup that brought you to the webpage . If you did not download any software from that page onto your computer, you did not install a virus. The update to Chrometana is enough to make it secure again.


  1. Jared

    I was dealing with the virus and installed a malware scanner just for the occasion. When I restarted my computer to see if all was fixed your update come out…

    Thanks for the quick response time!

    • Of course! So so so so sorry again about all of this. I’ve felt like I was gonna puke since I woke up to over 100 emails about this 🙁

  2. Ole Weinberger

    Good to hear it is fixed already. I experienced yesterday and quickly reacted and deactivated the add-on. Had me worried teere shortly since I knew your add-on is trustworthy, but the sudden scam pop-ups made it look otherwise. Since I didn’t even notice the add-on was updated it was even more worrisome. But Good to hear it really just was a hostile take-over and I can continue using Chrometana. Amazing add-on btw , thx for creating it.

  3. Chris LaFace

    I cant get this to work. Installed the extension and even restarted my computer. But every time I use the windows 10 cortana search bar it opens bing in edge. I can’t stand bing and I would love to figure out what to do. I searched the web a number of times and still no answer. Is the MS revoked still in place?

  4. Jude Vecoli

    I’ve only just discovered your extension, just to find out it’s gone? I see what happened last week and hope that this is a temporary event on the road to the resolution and that it returns to the Chrome store soon.

  5. Josh

    Would have been awesome to have had come out of all this with chrometana working though… (still getting bing results)

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